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20 April 2008 @ 02:45 pm

requests for aiiri, droppingtear, secretinsomnia, prettyadorable, dreamed_about_u, reveur, shixon, and murphyboy11.

she thought that she could find happiness by the bottleCollapse )


+ This is going to be my last post here. Its no longer fun to have my own comm- its lonely. I have much more fun posting at saturdaysocials and petit_pixel, with other people, so BYE! I wanna thank ALL my lovely watchers for, well, watching the comm & commenting on my entries. I suck at these kinds of things, so yeah...I won't delete the comm, it'll just be dead...I think I might just delete all the entries, and make an archive or something...so yeah. If you still wanna see my icons, check out the comms I mentioned above. They are both members only. BYE GUYS! ILY. ♥
04 April 2008 @ 01:50 pm

alexis bledel, hayden panettiere, blake lively, ellen page, rachel bilson, emily browning, kristen stewart, emma watson, misha barton, zachary levi, gaspard ulliel, gossip girl guys, jake gyllenhaal, shia leboeuf, hayden christensen, skins, chuck, harry potter, juno, paramore.

4 weeks felt like years.Collapse )


+ 212 WATCHERS?! :O Taking requests, 2 pic, HQ-MQ, first 10 people. Saving a spot is fine. 9/10.